Casino dealer job – Croupier

Casino dealer job - CroupierI have always respected Casino Dealers as they not only have incredible memories and skills, but they must put up with players that are drunk, obnoxious, elitist, rude, and loud, among other redeeming character traits. I had one dealer remember me from the prior year and even knew where I was from. I like to think of myself as a “special” person, but in all honesty, there is nothing special about me.

Being a Dealer can provide a good salary with excellent benefits if you work for the larger casinos. With around 10,000 UAW (United Auto Workers) gaming industry workers, including dealers, you will of course benefit from this organization and its powerful lobby. But being a dealer is not for everyone and there are some things that you must know before you take your first step in becoming a licensed casino dealer. If you want to see live dealers at work, check out live casinos or play pokies online at Fair Go and enjoy!

What does it take to be a Casino Dealer?

With so much at stake, casinos are very thorough and cautious when it comes to hiring. With the advent of online records being easily accessed, the casino will no doubt comb through your work history, criminal history, financial fitness, drug use, medical history, and other important information. These background checks are performed on all casino employees as well as casino dealers. Being a felon doesn’t automatically disqualify you for a casino job, but chances are that you won’t be dealing with money.

With the combination of money and people involved, Casinos take their hiring process very serious and can’t afford to employ individuals who do not reflect well on the casino or scare away customers.

Are there certain Personality Traits required for this job?

Assuming you pass the FBI like background check, then the interview process begins. If you have ever been to a Casino, especially a reputable Vegas casino, you will quickly realize that the dealers for Blackjack, Roulette and Craps, are not Automatons but sociable and likeable people.

With skills and memories at the high-ed of the spectrum, the Dealers make your play enjoyable and memorable. Not only do they engage the players, but they will go out of their way to help any beginner trying their luck for the first time at a table. Obviously, they can’t tell you what to do as far a strategy, but they do their best to point you in the right direction. They are sometimes integral in creating an exciting playing atmosphere and experience.

Are specific Skills needed to be a Croupier?

There are no industry standards for educational history, but there are certain skills that you need to possess to get the job and pass the intense training. Many of the skills involve a knack for math as well as being quick on your feet and versatile.

Dealing for Blackjack and Craps can be very intense, but I would have to say the Craps dealers have the most difficult job. With a 12-foot (3.6 meters) table and up to 16 players, game play can get a bit overwhelming. If you mix in high wagers and free flowing alcohol, then you will surely earn your money that night. With 20-minute rotations at the table, there will be ample time to decompress and splash some water onto your face.

The Blackjack tables are usually not as intense as the Craps table, but you are still dealing with high stakes and alcohol. There is plenty of security for those who get a bit out of control, although you will always have to deal with cigarette/cigar smoke and a few frisky players looking to hit on you. If you’re not too sociable, then you’re better off not applying for a dealer job.

What is the Compensation for a Vegas Dealer?

Similar to being a waiter, waitress, or bartender, your hourly wage is minimal although the tips are what makes the job worth the hassle. The more experienced players usually throw a few dollars to the dealer whether they win or not. And if they have a huge win, then the dealer always gets his or her fair share. There is usually a little slot on the side of the table where the dealer will drop those tips of cash or chips.

An approximation of what a dealer makes at a Vegas casino is $100,000 which includes base salary and tips. Because the casinos are often part of large corporations, the benefits provided are excellent. From health care to the 401Ks, these employees are well taken care of and have to ability to prepare for a lucrative retirement. Although a somewhat stressful way to make a living, being a casino dealer can provide an excellent all-around quality of life.

What is the Downside of being a Casino Dealer?

Not exactly a 9-5 job, being a dealer is not for everyone. Yes, the money and benefits are good, but there is a price to pay. Casinos are the last of the public places where smoking is still permitted, and although smoking is vilified, there is probably no chance that they will prohibit smoking in casinos. If you have asthma or dislike cigarette/cigar smoke, then this job is not for you.

As a 24 hour a day establishment your working hours can be an issue. Unless you are a night owl, working the midnight to morning shift is not on the top of everyone’s list. Chances are that when you are just starting out, you will be relegated to the most unpopular shifts which could be during those times.

Once you have mastered your job, there is not much else to stimulate the mind. It can become somewhat mundane and boring, although many people are drawn to jobs such as this. Because casinos are such large and diverse establishments, there is always a path to upper management, if that is what you are looking for.

Females, especially the attractive ones, must deal with a whole other range of issues. Drunk men are not exactly known for their tact or sophistication, so chances are that on most shifts you will be hit on and maybe even receive a proposal for marriage. Most players do treat you with respect, although there are always those few who cross the line to sexual harassment.

Is being a Casino Dealer the job for me?

You’re the only one who can really answer this question. The above information should give you a good idea as to the answer of this question. I would also suggest talking with current casino dealers to get their honest feedback. If you are still on the fence, then I would suggest giving it a try. There is no real downside and it could turn out to be the career that you have always been looking for to fill that void.