Best Casino Bonus Codes Australia

Best casino bonuses AustraliaIts no secret that in any type of gambling venture/situation, the “House” always has the advantage. Even if you have a winning streak in the early stages of betting, chances are that you will eventually lose. Should you want to try your luck check out Ozwin, National, Woo or FairGO casino.

It’s a truism that goes hand in hand with all forms of gambling and the only way to increase your odds or winnings, is to play smart and take advantage of any promotions and offers that are provided by the casino.

In this best casino bonus review we explain main bonus promotion deals offered by online casinos all over the world and Australia. On no deposit bonuses please read our previous article.

How to Maximize my Real Money Play at Online Casinos?

Many real money players complain that the House is always winning and that it is a fruitless endeavor to make money with online casinos. In many cases these players have never even explored the Bonus and Promotions section of the site. If they had, they would have realized that they were missing a grand opportunity to maximize their profits.

Gamblers are skeptical bunch to begin with and when they are offered any type of bonus or promotion, they usually turn their backs and are very skeptical. This can turn out to be a big mistake on their part as they are wasting a good opportunity to make money and enjoy themselves.

Those who take advantage of these options, realize that many online casinos are continually providing more and better bonuses while trying to compete in this highly competitive industry. But let’s forget the past and start the New Year with some big and consistent wins for those real money players.

What are some of the Best Bouses  for Online Play?

Welcome Bonus

For those who are new to a casino and decide to sign-up with a deposit, they will likely receive the standard Welcome Bonus. This bonus is a one-time deal and only offered to new players. This bonus usually provides a matching bonus which matches your deposit up to a certain amount or in some cases it is just a flat rate. These usually range from anywhere between $500 – $2,000.

In some cases where the amount is on the low side, the casino will provide Free Spins for specific slots or pokies. The terms and conditions are very strict, and it is always recommended that you read these before you start playing. For instance, the matching bonus money can only be used to play and not withdrawn. Obviously, anything you win from that money can be withdrawn.

Matching Bonus

As mentioned above, the Matching Bonus is sometimes available with the Welcome Bonus or can be offered on its own. For example, if there is a 50% matching bonus and you deposit $1,000, then you will receive $500 worth of credit. If the bonus is for 100% then you will receive $1,000 in credit.

Remember that your credit from the casino cannot be withdrawn and must be used for that specific casino and in some cases only specific casino games. There are limits to how much you can deposit to receive the offer as such, if you deposit $10,000 you will not receive that amount in credit. This holds true for other bonuses as well, as there are always Minimum and Maximum wagering requirements. As always be sure to read the fine print before making your deposit. Think of CreditCards or Neosurf to wager your money.

Free Spins Bonus

Although Free Spins are sometimes available in the games themselves, many casinos offer Free Spins in combination with other promotions (i.e. Welcome Bonus) or as stand-alone bonuses.

Free Spins are a great way 1to increase your odds of winning and are sometimes offered on a daily basis. Online Casinos will come up with novel ways of promoting these offers to attract players, but in most cases its just the same number of Free Spins. The spins can range from anywhere around 10 and up to 50. All the money won through the Free Spins is yours to keep.

Weekly Cashbacks

Cashback is a great way to reward loyal players at the end of the week. After a long week Casinos provide a generous bonus which is based on how much you wagered during that week. The bonus is based on a percentage, usually around 50%, and has minimum and maximum wagering requirements. As with any credit you receive from the Online Casino you can only use it for the games, although anything you win is yours to keep.

Loyalty Programs

As with Airlines and Land Based Casinos, Loyalty Programs can provide the ultimate path to even greater rewards, bonuses, and promotions. Most online casinos do have Loyalty Programs, although they are sometimes not easy to find on their websites. If you do not see the Program on the homepage, chances are that it will be in the Promotions and Bonuses section.

Many players will forgo the Loyalty Program because it is just another form to fill out and cannot be bothered. This is a big mistake as these Programs offer a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the bonuses and promotions at any time. They also offer rewards that non-members cannot access.

The Programs are based on points which are rewarded when you play for real money. The more you play the more points you accumulate which places you in Tiers based on your play. The higher the Tier in which Gold or its equivalent is the highest, the more you are rewarded in terms of bonuses, cashback, matching bonuses, free spins and other rewards.

In the end its up to the players to decide how to win on an Online Casino. But if you are interested in increasing your odds and winning more money each time you play, then it is essential to make use of all Bouses and Promotions.