Progressive Jackpot Slots – Progressive Pokies

There are lots of reasons to play the progressive jackpot pokies; however, the big question is which kind is the best to play. Perhaps the first question to answer is the kind of progressive jackpot version that you might want to play. There is also the consideration of which kind of progressive jackpot that may be more attractive to win! There are several different kinds of progressive jackpot pokies you can choose from. Play pokies and other casino games at Fair Go Casino!

Progressive jackpot slots - Australian pokies

Classic pokies

These are the simple 3-reel varieties that will have a meter above the reels. As you play, the amount in the jackpot will grow. The higher the amount depends on how long it was before a big payout, so sometimes patience is worth the wait to win this kind of jackpot. There is nothing special that is needed to win these kinds of progressive jackpots since the top jackpot symbols (for this style of progressive) will reward the player with the total winnings. The trick to winning this type of pokie (when you play for real using Neosurf) is the number of coins used over a long period. Max coins always produce a bigger payout for return wins. Then again, most people opt for the bigger video pokie progressive jackpots.

Video pokies

These will have more attractive incentive to play since a video pokie may have more than one progressive jackpot that is offered. Not only are the amounts for a possible payout higher than classic pokies progressives, the odds might be more in your favor due to the paylines involved. These fall into a couple of categories in most cases. There is a Stand-Alone progressive, and the other is In-House progressive. In a nutshell, the Stand-Alone progressive offers a jackpot by itself with no ties to any other machine. The In-House progressive will be linked to others in a group. This stands to win higher amounts since the game is being played by many players at a single time. Many of the Marvel progressives are popular for this very reason!

Bonus game pokies

These are the main reason that progressive prizes can be won anytime. These are usually the bonus picking round in a video pokie game. They can have a pretty good payout ratio, but there is one big catch to playing these kinds of bonus game pokies. When making the wagering on the lines that are bet, the coin denominations work better at full coin spreads. It doesn’t matter what the amount per coin actually is because if max coins are used, bonus winnings, free spins, multipliers and other rewards usually come with maximum payouts included. You probably know about the gamble feature that is offered in a bonus pokie already: The less you bet on this game, the more often you keep your winnings!

Random progressive

These can be attached to any of the previously mentioned pokies in this article. Since the random progressive win is something that is awarded at any time of the game itself. Totally at random and completely without notice! This may be awarded at the end of a winning spin, or anytime during the game. Some of them have limits on how many coins are allowed to be played in order for this feature to be activated, while the game itself may allow a random progressive win to happen if you reach a specific level. You may not have to look for these specific types of progressive jackpot pokies since many of the modern video pokies already offer these extras already.