How to be a Successful Gambler

Successful gambling tipsBeing successful at gambling is no small task. Whether its Blackjack, Craps, Pokies, Roulette or another form of gambling, success is elusive and is only gained through attributes that lend themselves to winning. More than just a strategy or mindset, many successful and professional players are born with innate qualities that are not only beneficial but are needed to excel in this hobby or profession.

The best source of information is the players themselves, and what they perceive to be the key ingredients for themselves and others to be successful. A bit of science and skill, these players share their thoughts and recommendations of increasing your odds and walking away more times than not with money in their pockets. Below are what successful gamblers who tried playing for free and real – have told us are the most important of characteristics to consistently win.

Understanding the Games

All people who excel at what they do tend to know more that the average person and usually more than anyone else. From athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, etc., anyone at the top of their “game” are studied students of their professions.

A great example is Poker, where we see a table of players skillfully analyzing every decision as a choreographed dance. Knowing when to hold or fold and trying to read their opponents “tells” is something which they have honed over the years through practice, patience and study. If you have ever watched the professional poker tournaments live or on TV, you understand that these are not just backroom players, but people who have dedicated their lives to this game.

Obviously, this can translate to any casino game where skill is involved. Craps and Blackjack are two of these where a deep knowledge of the game can lead to consistent wins. Of course, the challenge is to know when to walk away before you lose your money. But this is a different topic altogether.

Proficient with Numbers

Many skilled and successful gamblers have a head for numbers and can see patterns and trends where most of us do not. We are all familiar with the movie “21” based on the novel “Bringing Down the House” where a group of students from MIT were able to win vast amounts of money from casinos  – like Fair Go – playing blackjack. Their mathematical backgrounds were crucial in executing the plan of card counting. Although not necessarily “illegal”, if you are caught you will be barred from many casinos and gambling establishments.

Although a knack for numbers can be helpful in other games of chance, Blackjack is probably the game where it can benefit the players the most. Pokie machines are where any mathematical genius would be wasted and where those who have a low IQ can excel by chance or luck.


Rarely will you see a proficient and successful gambler make a move because they “have a feeling”. For example, many of us amateurs will take a “hit” on a 17 in Blackjack because we have a good feeling. You can of course get lucky and end up with a 4, but chances are you will “bust”. The successful gambler will not go for long-shots and will not try to make up their losses in one hand or roll of the dice.

Another good example of this is those invested in the Stock Market. One can argue that it is a type of gambling, although one in which information is the key to being successful. The Market is full of winners and losers on a daily basis with literally billions of dollars exchanging “hands” every day. As with the casino gambling, those who are successful in the market long-term are those who stick with funds and stocks which are consistent and grow at an acceptable pace. Most of their portfolios are diversified with many investments in different companies and industries while never investing all their money in longshots.

Of course, there are those situations where an investment can provide returns in the millions and billions, but these are rare. We almost always remember those that are winners but forget the graveyard full of losers. High risk and high yields are not necessarily a winning strategy in both stocks and casino gambling.

It’s Not Personal

Getting emotional while gambling is a sure-fire way to make you look like an ass, and more importantly, a great way to consistently lose your money. The successful gamblers, especially poker players, require a calm demeanor and are always in control of their emotions. Keeping calm ensures that your betting habits stay consistent and on target without deviating from your planned strategy.

This is also a characteristic of those in life who are successful, especially in the financial industry. As we discussed above regarding investing, those who make money consistently are those who keep their emotions in check and maintain a sense of balance when making business decisions. Obviously if you make your living as a gambler, then you need to follow this plan.


As with any endeavor in your life where you want to be a success, all the above attributes are necessary to rise to the top of your professions. Whether you’re a Professional Athlete, Investment Banker or Professional Gambler, you need to have complete control and of your thought and actions.

Those in the gambling world who are rise to the top have all these traits. Of course, they stray from these occasionally, as we are all human, but for the most part its these traits that make them successful.